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LARC Services


Kaipara Medical Centre offers funded long-term contraception services, known as LARC. Our nurse prescriber is working with our doctors to provide these funded services to eligible women. Check out some of the key information about LARC below.

What is LARC?

LARC stands for Long Acting Reversible Contraception and is commonly known as a 'fit and forget' method of contraception because you don't need to take it every day. They are highly effective and reliable at preventing pregnancy for 3-5years. Examples of these methods are IUD/IUS such as Mirena, Jaydess & Copper IUDs and implants such as the Jadelle.

Who can get it?

At Kaipara Medical, you do not have to be a registered patient with us, as we are providing this funded service to the wāhine within our local community. Typically, you will be aged between 15-44 years old and at risk of unplanned pregnancy. We are dedicated to promoting the discussion of LARC options and providing long-term contraception to eligible women.

How does it work?

We offer funded initial contraception consults, insertions/fittings, and removals under our Te Whatu Ora LARC Contract. It is as easy as:

  1. Book an initial LARC consultation
  2. Pick up your prescription (if relevant)
  3. Attend your insertion/fitting appointment

You can change your mind at any time of the process.

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